Paula's comments
I was very nervous before my consultation as a girl’s wardrobe is a very private thing! I had nothing to worry about as Barbara immediately put me at ease and made the whole experience very enjoyable. She has an amazing eye for detail and a very honest approach. She showed me what colours were most complimentary and what clothes best suited my body shape and personal style.

Barbara made me look at my wardrobe in a totally different light: weeding out outdated items and advising on key pieces I was missing to complete many outfits. She has a talent for finding pieces that you forgot you had and putting outfits together from those ‘bits’ to give you a different look without having to spend a Euro!
Coming to Barbara was the best personal investment I ever made and she has instilled in me a new confidence on how I look and what suits me.

I can’t wait to book a shopping trip with Barbara!

Marie’s comments
I think my consultation with Barbara was one of my better ideas. She reassessed my wardrobe and gave me great advice on what to do with pieces I already have, but have not been wearing to make them more wearable, e.g. how to mix and match, what to shorten, alter and what to get rid of. I now seem to have fewer clothes but far more to wear. She also suggested one or two items I should consider buying to add to my wardrobe. I found the experience a real learning curve and would definitely recommend the service to everyone.
Kate's comments
Shopping with Barbara was a revelation! She made me try on clothes in styles and colours that I never would have considered yet the results were astonishing. I could instantly see the difference the right clothes made to my shape and complexion. I love the new version of me!!
Deirdre's comments
Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon of great advice and tips. Beforehand I was apprehensive about it but you made me feel very relaxed and at ease in my own skin. I realised that anyone can buy clothes but style has to be learned and I certainly learned plenty of great tips today.
Since turning 40, I had lost a lot of my confidence as I was unsure of what suited me, my body shape and what was age appropriate. Now, thanks to you, I feel so confident again and I know what to wear and how to wear it. Not only clothes but accessories too.
You have saved me time, money and from making future mistakes with my wardrobe. It certainly is a must for every woman!
A big heartfelt ‘Thank You’.